About Us


Backyard Solutions was started with the sole purpose of bringing several compatible businesses and product lines together in one location.  With a combined experience of over 30 years in the design, construction, and home improvement fields, we've learned that most projects - both large and small - involve several different components to create the final solution. 

It all starts with an idea.

If you have an idea for that patch of weeds in your backyard, great. We have the skills to make your concept a reality that will meet or exceed your expectations. Whether they're one of a kind or out of this world, we're on the job until it's completed to your satisfaction (and in some cases, utter astonishment).

Maybe you only know that you want...something. That's all we need to go on. We're experts at creative solutions. Give us a feeling, a color, anything and we'll design a custom solution that's equal parts beautiful, functional, and maintainable.  Doing it yourself?  If you just need some guidance or want to purchase a garden accent or two, we're here to help!

What We Offer

  • Residental and Commerical Building and Hardscape Design


*  Spa supplies & equipment

* Garden Accents, incl. Wind Chimes, 

       Patio Umbrellas, Fountains, Statuary, ​Outdoor Kitchens, & more!
* Blaze BBQ's, Fire Pits 

* Purchase Green Artificial Turf 

* Flags and Flagpoles,
* Saunas, and MORE!